Get more from your 140 characters on Twitter

Changes to the service come into effect from today

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This file photo shows a Twitter app on an iPhone screen in New York | Image: Richard Drew / AP/Press Association Images

Twitter is constantly working to refine it's offering to its users. They have tweaked the service over the last number of years and the latest batch of changes will come into effect today. 

It has been confirmed that Twitter will no longer count photos, GIFs or handles as part of the 140-character limit.

Details of these changes were reported on Quartz back in May.  These include:  

Replies: @handles at the beginning of messages won’t count toward the 140-character limit, but they will count if mentioned in the middle or end of a tweet.

.@ replies: Furthermore, users will no longer have to add a character at the beginning of a tweet so that a reply is seen by a person’s followers. Twitter will soon include all replies in followers’ timelines. The social network used to hide these responses to avoid cluttering users’ timelines.

Media attachments: Photos, GIFs, videos, polls, and quoted tweets won’t count toward the 140 characters. Links, however, will count toward the limit.

Retweet yourself: Since tweets can easily get lost, Twitter will let users retweet or quote themselves to resurface their tweets at a later time.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, called this rethinking of its 140-character limit “the most notable change” in the company’s recent history.