Garda work will continue during tribunal - O'Sullivan

The Garda Commissioner says a team is in place to co-ordinate the needs of the Disclosure Tribunal

Garda work will continue during tribunal - O'Sullivan

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The Garda Commissioner says she will be able to continue doing her job alongside engaging with the Disclosure Tribunal.

Last week the chair of the policing authority would only say she had "a degree of confidence" in Nóirín O'Sullivan to manage the force while dealing with the inquiry into alleged smear campaign against Sergeant Maurice McCabe.

The first public session of the inquiry - which is being chaired by Mr Justice Peter Charleton - took place earlier this week.

The Commissioner this morning launched a new 24-hour phone line for victims of sexual abuse.

Speaking to reporters, she explained that the force has a team in place to co-ordinate the needs of the tribunal.

"We very much welcome the fact that Mr Justice Charleton this week actually launched the tribunal," she said. "We're already on record as saying we will fully co-operate and assist the tribunal in every way.

"We have to keep our foot on the pedal, so to speak. We have to make sure we are there, that we are protecting our communities [...] That's where our focus will remain.

Commissioner O'Sullivan explained that she is no stranger to having to operate with a limited capacity.

"Thankfully, we now have a team in place, and the team will be there to make sure we work and keep the work going," she added.