"Significant" weapons seizure may be linked to ongoing gangland feud in Dublin

Gardai have seized a number of weapons including two sub-machine guns and ammunition

Gardaí are investigating whether a major firearms seizure in Cabra is linked to an ongoing gangland feud in Dublin.

Two sub-machine guns and a number of other firearms have been seized following a planned operation by gardaí yesterday.

The search, undertaken by The Garda Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau Unit and the Garda Special Crime Task Force, uncovered five weapons - including hand guns, silencers, sub machine guns and ammunition.

Garda Detective Superintendent Tony Howard called the seizure “significant” and said the type of weapons involved would have been “particularly lethal” in the hands of untrained individuals.

Detective Superintendent Howard said there is “no doubt” that yesterday’s seizure has potentially saved lives.

“This type of weaponry could only have come from individuals who are engaged in serious organised crime,” he said.

“Certainly one of the avenues of inquiry that we will be looking at is the connection to the ongoing feud here in Dublin.”

The weapons have yet to be examined by garda ballistic and forensic teams, however Detective Superintendent Howard said they appear to be in “perfect working order.”

The handguns were loaded and the garda investigation will focus on whether they were due to be used “imminently.”

“I believe that if you find a gun that is loaded, it is ready for use. That is my view,” said Detective Superintendent Howard.

“The likes of these sub-machine guns are indiscriminate weapons when they are in the hands of untrained individuals.

“They are designed for one thing and one thing only and that is to kill people.”

The weapons were found in a car "at a location that the general public would not have access to" and there have been no arrests as yet.

The investigation is ongoing.