Garda reserve numbers fall 13% since June

New figures released show that the number of Garda Reserves is now below 800 members

Garda reserve numbers fall 13% since June

New recruits at the Garda College in Templemore in 2015 | Image:

The number of Garda Reserves have fallen by a third and are now below 800 members, according to new figures.

In the four-month period June to September, numbers fell to 756 - a drop of 13%.

The figures were released to Fianna Fáil Justice spokesperson Jim O’Callaghan. 

The biggest drop was in Dublin South Central where reservist numbers fell by a further 12% since May of this year. Not one Garda division recorded an increase.

Commenting on the figures, Deputy O’Callaghan said, “Concerns have been expressed for some time on not utilising the significant potential of the Garda reserve. This poses a much bigger challenge if the numbers continue to fall."

Mr O'Callaghan is calling on the Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald to push a new recruitment drive for more reserves and "alleviate mounting pressure on sergeants and inspectors".

Last month, plans were outlined to more than double the number of Garda Reserves, bringing the strength of the force up to 2,000.