Gardaí investigating 'rape list' found in Cork school

The Rape Crisis Network says the incident is a "real tragedy"

Gardaí investigating 'rape list' found in Cork school


Updated 09:15

The Rape Crisis Network of Ireland has called the so called "rape list" found scrawled across the wall of the boys toilets in a Cork secondary school a “real tragedy.”

Gardaí are investigating the list, which contained a number of girls names, found in the male toilets at Davis College in Mallow.

Words to the effect of 'the girl with the most ticks will be raped' were written above it.

The school principal has issued a statement to say the matter is being taken “extremely seriously.”

This morning, Cliona Sadlier, executive director of the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland (RCNI) said it is an appalling situation for the girls who were named, but warned that it must be remembered that the boys are children too.

“I think we have let them down,” she said.

“What have we delivered to them that this is what they think a performance of masculinity is?

“In terms of what they think is good fun.

“So I think there is a lot work that we need to do in terms of unpacking that.”

"Safety and wellbeing" 

In a statement, Davis College principal Stephen Gilbert said the “safety and wellbeing” of students is the school’s top priority.

“The list was removed the minute we were notified of its existence, and we spoke to each of the young ladies mentioned to answer any questions or concerns that they had,” he said.

“We encouraged them, as we encourage all of our students, to come to us with any issues that may be of concern, so that we can support them in any way possible."

"Incredibly bad taste"

Ralph Riegal, southern Correspondent with The Irish Independent said investigators are treating the list as a “mind-bogglingly stupid” act rather than anything more sinister.

“No-one is taking the threat to rape the individual seriously in terms of the fact that it was actually going to happen,” he said.

“What they believe it is, it that it was a joke in incredibly bad taste and something that was mind-bogglingly stupid by the student who actually devised it.”

Principal Gilbert noted that there has been a national spotlight on the issue of rape in recent weeks.

“In keeping with our ethos of caring for all our students, and in light of public and media conversations, we wish to make sure that this issue is addressed among all of our students," he said.

“Our social, personal and health education teachers will be facilitating discussions on this subject with every class.”

The Cork Education and Training Board, which manages the school, has referred the matter to gardaí.