High Court hearing application to appoint liquidator to Console

The judge wants assurances that Console’s services will be preserved

The High Court is hearing an application to appoint a provisional liquidator to suicide charity Console.

The Health Service Executive has been given until 5pm to outline to the court another service provider who would take over the embattled charity's services.

The Judge said he needed to know the position of all parties involved in this case before approving the appointment of a liquidator.

He said given the vast range of suicide bereavement services Console provides he wants assurances that they will be preserved.

He also wanted clarification on what would happen to the 12 staff and 60 contracted counsellors attached to Console.

Representation for the HSE said they have been working to provide suitable and appropriate transitional arrangements to move Console's services to a new provider. They said they believed that would be finalised by this afternoon.

It was argued that the suite of powers being sought for the liquidator were designed specifically to aid in the retention of Console’s services.

The HSE has been given until 5pm to confirm that another service provider has been agreed upon, until then the court will continue to hear the application to appoint a provisional liquidator.

Console board members met last night and again this morning to discuss whether or not the charity should be wound down.

They considered the viability and financial situation of the charity as well as hearing the recommendations of Interim CEO David Hall.

The suicide bereavement charity has been in crisis in recent few weeks amid revelations about its finances.

Former CEO Paul Kelly and his family are alleged to have spent vast sums of Console's money on designer clothes and foreign holidays.