Fresh NI search begins for remains of teenager missing for 22 years

Arlene Arkinson (15) vanished on her way home from a disco in Bundoran

 Arlene Arkinson

Undated photo of Arlene Arkinson | PA Archive

Forensic teams are carrying out a fresh search in Northern Ireland for the body of a teenager who vanished more than 20 years ago.

Arlene Arkinson (15) was last seen with a convicted child killer in Co Donegal in 1994.

She went missing after travelling from her home in Co Tyrne to attend a disco in Bundoran.

Her remains have never been located despite several searches. 

Robert Howard was acquitted of the teenager's murder in 2005 but remained the prime suspect in the unsolved case until his death in prison last year.

Arlene's sister, Kathleen, has thanked a local farmer who reported a piece of disturbed land to police.

"I don't want to get my hopes built up," she told Q Radio. 

"We've been through this loads and loads of times, and the let down is really bad. I just hope it is Arlene."