Four gadgets to protect your home for less than €200

From a video doorbell to a connected smoke alarm

If you're looking to secure your home, there is no shortage of smart devices to help ensure your house and possessions are kept safe. Here's a rundown on some of the latest tech to catch my eye. 

Ring Video Doorbell – €189.99

As recently as five years ago, you may have wondered how smart technology could impact the humble doorbell, but Ring Video Doorbell is here and has done just that. The doorbell sits on the wall, outside your home, but has built-in motion sensors that send alerts to the owner's mobile device (both iOS and Android). From here, the home-owner can see who is at the door.  

It's possible to converse with the person at the door, if it's a delivery person, for example. The camera can turn 180-degrees and has a range of up to 30 feet. 

Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet – €59.99 

This small device is a staple of my home. While you can get a number of different brands, such as Belkin, I've been using the Samsung Power Outlet for some time now. This allows you to control electrical devices from your phone, no matter where you are. This is particularly handy for lamps when you are away. 

The app has a 'live monitoring' feature, which allows users to see if a product is on or off. This is very useful for those worried about leaving the iron or hair straighteners on. 

Samsung SmartCam HD-PT - €179.99

If you're looking for an easy-to-install security camera for your home, the Samsung SmartCam is worth checking out. This is a neat camera that provides a wide-angle view. It pairs to a smartphone or tablet with easy and has an inbuilt mic. This means users on both ends can converse. 

It's possible to record footage or simply monitor a live feed. 

Nest Protect Wireless – €129.99

This is a wireless smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. This device can detect all types of fire, both slow and fast burning. It has a 'Heads-Up' function that will let users know when smoke is detected. Upon detection of either smoke or carbon monoxide, the alarm will push a notification to the user's smartphone or tablet and sound an alarm. 


The device can identify burnt food from a fire, meaning that it will not be triggered by overdone toast. It's is an entirely wireless device and can sit in any part of the house.