Former refugee sworn in as Lord Mayor of Sheffield in UK

Magid Magid (28) has become the youngest person to take up the role

Former refugee sworn in as Lord Mayor of Sheffield in UK

Magid Magid. Image: Green Party

Former refugee Magid Magid has become a viral star after taking over the role of Lord Mayor of Sheffield in the UK.

The 28-year-old Green Party Councillor has become the city's first Somali mayor, and the youngest person to take up the role.

He is also known as a contestant on the British reality show The Hunted.

The 122nd mayor of the city has already received plenty of positive attention on social media thanks to his slick portrait photo from photographer Chris Saunders:

Writing about his new role as the first citizen of Sheffield, Magid said: "Me and my family moved to Sheffield from Somalia when I was five years old to look for a better life, and it was this great city I call home that welcomed me and many others like me.

"Fast forward to today, and I am honoured and privileged to have been given the highest honour that can be bestowed upon any citizen in this city."

He added: "I am not arrogant enough to think that I made it here all by myself. I want and need you all to know that today is as much of a celebration about you as it is about me."

In comments quoted by BBC, Magid said he hopes his presence as mayor "will help engage those that have not previously engaged before".

He will hold the post for a year, and is also the first Green politician to be elected to the ceremonial role.