WATCH: "For heaven's sake man, go" - David Cameron tells Jeremy Corbyn to resign

Mr Corbyn lost a non-binding no confidence motion yesterday, with 172 party MPs voting against him

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Image: PA / PA Wire/Press Association Images

David Cameron has told embattled British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to step down as leader of his party.

Speaking at the Houses of Parliament in London today, the outgoing prime minister said: "It might be in my party's interest for him to sit there. It's not in the national interest.

"And I would say - for heaven's sake man, go," he added.

Yesterday, Mr Corbyn lost a non-binding no confidence motion, with more than 80% of his party's MPs voting against him.

The results showed that 172 MPs voted in favour of the no-confidence motion with 40 against it, and a turnout of 95%.

Mr Corbyn has been blamed by some supporters for a lacklustre EU referendum campaign, and there have been mass resignations from his shadow cabinet over the last few days.

However, the party leader has continued to maintain grassroots and union support in the UK.

In a statement yesterday, Mr Corbyn said he "will not betray" the Labour members who elected him last year by resigning.

Meanwhile, the Conservative party is in the midst of a leadership contest, with nominations for a successor to Mr Cameron opening today.

The UK's Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb has become the first MP to officially announce he is running as a candidate for leader.

Mr Crabb, who backed 'Remain' in the EU referendum campaign, said the Leave vote has left society "divided".

Senior Conservatives have confirmed they will be backing Brexit campaign frontman Boris Johnson.

A survey for the ConservativeHome website has put Home Secretary Theresa May - who is expected to enter the race before Thursday's noon deadline - narrowly ahead of Mr Johnson among party members.