First it was the headphone jack, now Apple look set to scrap the USB port

The next generation of MacBook computers will be unveiled on October 27th

The Apple rumour-mill is constantly in action. The latest bout of speculation involves the company's line of computers. A MacBook Pro, Air and iMac event will take place on October 27th, and it looks as though a big change could be on the way. 

The event is thought to be taking place Apple’s Cupertino headquarters, suggesting a low-key event, but fans are still incredibly excited to see the new machines. 

Apple has refrained from making any drastic changes to its Mac range for four years now, so it makes sense that a shake-up is on the way this time around. 

One of the rumours causing the most hype involves the removal of the USB port. It's thought that the company will opt for a USB-C port instead. This port is smaller and more rounded. It's used on certain Android devices at present. 

While this would be an interesting development, it would be controversial. Apple fans were none-too happy when the company scrapped the headphone jack from their iPhone 7 earlier this year.