Facebook investigates fake cancer claim

A mother complained to Facebook after images of her son were misused

Facebook has said it is investigating a mother’s claim that images of her child were misused on the social networking site.  

Sarah Allen spoke to the media back in August 2016, after her son contracted chickenpox and was covered in sores from head to toe. She believes images posted alongside that story were stolen to create a fake Facebook post. The post claims the little boy has cancer and seeks donations for “surgery”.

The fake post has had more than one million engagements since it was posted on Facebook at the beginning of February.

Security experts have warned that those sharing good will and donations may have fallen victim to a scam.

Mrs Allen repeatedly reached out to Facebook to report copyright infringement, but now wants to raise awareness about this type of scam.

"We were warned people might take his pictures, because if you Google chickenpox his pictures are there," Mrs Allen told the BBC. “We were well aware that might happen, but not in this respect, to say he had cancer.”

"What's so disgusting is that it's not just Jasper's pictures, but 100 of other people's families as well," Mrs Allen explained. "Facebook needs to take action. I was told it was removed but within 24 hours it was back again."

Facebook is currently reviewing the case with its complaints team.