“Energy... you go into the energy” – Ray Manzarek on life after death

The late founding member of The Doors tells Newstalk what he thinks happens when we die

Hopefully keyboardist Ray Manzarek kept his healthy outlook on life right up to his passing yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

Speaking to Newstalk’s Orla Barry back in March 2010, the co-founder of The Doors revealed what he believes happens after death:



"Energy... you go into the energy. You came from the energy, you are the energy and you will return to the energy... to the absolute divine, joyous energy that is all things. That’s where you come from and that’s where you go.

“It’s a circle. Life is of course a great circular infinity. And it’s marvellous. It’s absolutely, totally comforting, you don’t have to live in fear anymore. You can put the fear behind you and embrace all of existence.

"This Garden of Eden that we live in. This great, green planet. The blue marble in the sky and the greenness and you guys have all that greenness right there. My God, the green of Ireland couldn’t be more green and it’s the Garden of Eden.”

Ray spoke to Newstalk ahead of his July 2010 Dublin concert Setlist with Robby Krieger and spoke candidly about his past throughout the interview:

  • -       playing with Jim Morrison and Van Morrison on stage at the same time
  • -       the benefits of LSD and peyote
  • -       lines of The Doors songs he liked
  • -       how they wrote the music
  • -       Jim’s death and the 27 club
  • -       Working with Jim Morrison when he was high
  • -       Oliver Stone

You can listen in full here: