Employers offer free food to keep millennials motivated

A Jobs.ie survey shows that 49% of employers offer free food at work

Employers offer free food to keep millennials motivated

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A new survey carried out by Jobs.ie has found that Irish bosses are using food to keep their millennial workers happy.

The survey showed that out of the 1207 surveyed, 49% of respondents aged between 18 and 34 said that their company offers free food, fruit and chocolate to keep them interested and motivated at work.

Jobs.ie General Manager Niall Fitzmaurice said "It’s interesting how quickly the perk of free food has become commonplace especially for millennial workers. 

"It came to Ireland with the big multinationals like Google and Facebook but it’s has been adopted by other companies. 

"The job market has evolved over the last few years and the work culture of an organisation is now a significant consideration for jobseekers when it comes to applying for jobs and I think the “free food” perk is part of the development."

Perks of the job 

Despite this, over 50% of all the jobseekers surveyed said that their employers offer absolutely no perks whatsoever to their employees. 

The Jobs.ie Perk Survey found that while employees expect much more from their workplace, they are dedicated to their employers with 42% said that they consider their job to be the most important commitment in their lives.

44% of jobseekers say they are very happy with the job that they have.

53% of those surveyed said that other employers had been in contact with them to attempt to entice them away from their current roles, perhaps offering more perks in the process.

Niall Fitzmaurice said that they're lots of opportunities out there "There are plenty of jobs around at the moment, we have 3,500 jobs  available on Jobs.ie from 1,300 businesses across Ireland so it’s no surprise that employers are doing everything they can to attract good workers and, then once they have hired them to keep them."