Electric Picnic resulted in massive surge of mobile data usage

Data usage surged by 188% during the three-day festival

Electric Picnic resulted in massive surge of mobile data usage

People at Electric Picnic on the last night of the festival in 2015 | Image: Rollingnews.ie

As tickets for the 2017 Electric Picnic go on sale this Friday, people are still digesting this year's festival.

Last weekend saw 55,000 Picnickers take to their feet, and their phones, for the event.

Festival director Melvin Benn said: "This year was easily my favourite Electric Picnic to date. We introduced some new areas to the site for 2016 which proved to be amazing along with implementing some changes from 2015 which were all a success.

"For 2017, the capacity will remain the same and I’m looking forward to what is in store already next year for both seasoned revellers and new".

But something making the most noise was probably the click of camera phones.

Singer James Gavin performing at the 3Live experience at Electric Picnic | Image: Three

A survey from Three shows customers made 3.7 million calls at Electric Picnic, and used the equivalent of eight million image uploads to Instagram in data.

The Electric Picnic sponsor added four 3G and 4G masts at Stradbally Hall this year, and says they were put to good use.

It says a staggering 3.7 million voice calls made during the three-day festival with customers chatting for the equivalent of 22 months.

Customers were also busy sharing their experience on social media - using over 12 terabytes of data at this year’s festival.

That is the equivalent of over eight million images uploaded to Instagram, and represents an increase of 188% on 2015 and 700% on 2014.