Earthquake hits in Irish Sea

A magnitude three quake struck on Tuesday afternoon off the Welsh coast

Earthquake hits in Irish Sea

The quake hit close to Anglesey island (pictured) in north Wales Image:

A magnitude three earthquake struck in the Irish sea this afternoon. It occurred at 3.41 pm, just 6 km off the Welsh coast, close to the island of Anglesey and Holyhead, The British Geological Survey have said.

The BBC has reported that police in Wales received reports about the earthquake, but there has been no reports of any damage or disruption.

Witnesses have said they felt the earth shake for roughly three seconds, while some reported hearing a noise akin to an explosion, according to The Telegraph.

The Clare Herald report that it is the strongest earthquake felt in the region since a 3.2 magnitude quake struck in August 2013.

The Menai Straits fault system runs from Anglesey to south Wexford and it makes the area around Anglesey the most seismic in Wales and one of the most frequent spots of tremors in the UK.

In 1984 a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck in the area, the largest onshore quake in the UK for a century.

In May of 2013 a 3.8 magnitude earthquake, also off the Welsh coast, sent tremors along Ireland’s east coast, waking many people as the earth shook in the middle of the night

The quake hit just a few kilometres away from Holyhead - see exact location below