Eamon de Valera's media company is being dissolved

It published The Irish Press until 1995...

Eamon de Valera's media company is being dissolved

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Irish Press Plc - the media firm founded by Eamon de Valera - is set to be wound down.

The company published The Irish Press newspaper between 1931 and 1995.

The front page of The Irish Press the morning after D-Day

Since then the company has operated with a much lower profile - it is set to hold an extraordinary general meeting to approve the dissolving of the company.

It owned Tipp FM - but it sold that business in 2013. Its PR division has also closed.

Its last major commercial action was the sale of its final significant asset, a premise on Clanwilliam Terrace next to Grand Canal Dock in central Dublin. It was sold at a loss and the company still has outstanding debts of €650,000 according to a letter sent to shareholders.

The company's current chairman, Eamon de Valera, grandson of the founder, expressed his "bitter disappointment" as he informed stakeholders that the future of the company couldn’t be secured.

When the paper began it was positioned as an alternative to The Irish Independent (which was perceived as having Fine Gael leanings) and The Irish Times (which was viewed as a pro-Union paper).

With the backing of De Valera, leader of the anti-treaty movement, the paper quickly gained an audience. One of its early selling points was a focus on providing more extensive GAA coverage than its rivals.