EU ruling could wipe out Irish motorsports industry

A Fine Gael MEP warns that Mondello Park could face closure...

Mondello Park and the motorsports industry in Ireland as a whole will be under threat when a new EU ruling on insurance comes into force this October.

The 'Vnuk Judgement', a European Court of Justice decision from 2014, is set to be enforced later this year and will make unlimited third party motor insurance compulsory for all vehicles in EU member states wherever they are used.

Currently, Ireland only requires this cover for driving on public roads and lands.

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes has warned that the ruling will have a devastating impact on Irish motorsports.

He said:

"The Vnuk judgement will have massive implications, potentially requiring that compulsory motor insurance covers all private places, including private farmland, racetracks and private carparks.

"Many Irish racetrack representatives have said that this ruling will effectively shut down motorsport in Ireland as there is no market availability for such mandatory insurance.

"Their concerns are very real and the risk is that places like Mondello Park will be closed down if these new rules are forced upon EU Member States".

However, Hayes noted that the European Commission can make an amendment to the directive before October if it so wishes and prevent this situation coming to pass.

According to Hayes, a proposal on it is due "very soon".