"EU laws to stay on Brexit day" - Theresa May

The move should bring a degree of clarity to Brexit

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File photo of EU and UK flags above the EU Commission offices in Westminster, London | Image: Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Theresa May will introduce a "Great Repeal Bill" in the next Queen's Speech that will scrap the legislation that took Britain into Europe 44 years ago.

Sky News understands that moves will be made to remove the European Communities Act from the statue book next year.

EU law and regulations would then be enshrined in British law and subsequently removed or kept, depending on what the UK Parliament decides. 

This process could take years, beyond Britain's exit from the European Union. The British Prime Minister will also trigger Article 50 before German elections in September 2017, the Sunday Times reports.

In an interview with the newspaper, Mrs May ruled out holding a general election before 2020 - warning that an early vote would cause "instability".

David Davis, the Secretary of State for Brexit, said the government will "take a simple approach" over changes to legislation.

He said: "EU law will be transposed into domestic law, wherever practical, on exit day. It will be for elected politicians here to make the changes to reflect the outcome of our negotiation and our exit." 

"That is what people voted for: power and authority residing once again with the sovereign institutions of our own country," he added