ESB and Road Safety Authority warns candidates not to hang posters on electricity poles or road signs

Any posters found on poles will be removed

The ESB is advising general election candidates not to hang posters on any electricity poles.

A statement from ESB Networks says accessing electricity poles using ladders, hoists or any other way, places the person at serious risk of injury or death.

It says attaching posters low down or interfering in any way with electricity poles, such as drilling or hammering is dangerous and not permitted.

Any posters put on ESB poles will be removed.

Similarly, the Road Safety Authority is asking general election candidates not to erect posters - in any way - which may obscure road signs.

The group says political parties and their campaign teams need to take extra care when positioning campaign posters.

The RSA is advising that election posters should not block any warning, speed of junction signage.

Candidates are also being reminded that it is an offence to erect any sign or notice that makes a traffic sign less visible to road users.

Earlier today, a Labour candidate in the Dublin South-West constituency has apologised after some election posters were put up overnight, ahead of the allowed time-frame.