Dublin woman gives further evidence in court in her claims that her husband raped her

She claims the attack happened when she asked for a seperation

A woman who claims her husband raped her when she told him she wanted a separation has told his trial he used to follow her around Dublin afterwards.

The 42-year-old admits hitting his wife with a hammer but denies the rape charge as well as another assault charge and a number of alleged threats.

Yesterday, the woman – whose identity is protected – told the court her husband threatened her with a knife on May 25th 2014 before forcing her to have sex with him.

She said he refused to accept their marriage was over.

Today, she gave evidence of a number of occasions when he allegedly followed her to work or to the shops.

She said he once called her while she was on holiday in Spain to tell her he knew she was on a beach.

She also spoke about an incident where he allegedly drove up the back of her car while she was stopped at traffic lights with their son inside.

During a phone call on August 6th 2014, she claims he told her: “I’m sick of this – I’m finishing this tonight.”

The following day, he hit her over the head with a hammer. He has pleaded guilty to that assault charge but denies all the others.

His wife will be cross-examined tomorrow morning.