Dublin people cycle more than anyone else in Ireland, research finds

Some 47% of Irish people feel cycling infrastructure could be improved

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New research has suggested that Dubliners are the biggest cyclists in Ireland.

Some 58% of Dublin people are cycling frequently, compared to 38% nationally.

According to new research by One4all, 39% of Dublin people cycle at least once a week - and 28% of Dublin people are cycling as a commute to work

Close to half (47%) of Irish people feel that the cycling infrastructure in Ireland could be improved, while 64% say cycling helps them feel healthier, both mentally and physically.

But despite this, 40% of Irish people say they never cycle.

The research, undertaken by Coyne across Ireland, is carried out as part of One4all's annual report into health and fitness in the workplace.

This year, the focus is on cycling - as a way to keep fit and healthy, but also as a low-cost commute to the workplace.

Results show that while Dubliners are leading the way, nationally people can be slow to take to their bikes and are keen for better infrastructure.

Results also show a rural/urban divide in this regard - 41% of people in Dublin feel Ireland's cycling infrastructure could be improved, compared to 54% of those living in the Munster/Connacht regions.

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Young people are more likely to get on their bikes than their older counterparts - 56% of those ages 25-34 are cycling frequently. There is also a significant gender gap, as 45% of men cycle frequently, with just 30% of women doing the same.

Of those that do cycle, the primary reasons given were for enjoyment (54%) and to keep fit (51%).

Michael Dawson, CEO of One4all, said: "Every year we conduct a large body of research into health, fitness and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.

"This year, we wanted to focus on cycling - which is not only a great way to keep active in mind and body, but also a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to commute to work.

"I am extremely pleased to see that Irish people have such positive sentiments towards cycling, and that a good portion of our nation - particularly in Dublin - are getting on their bikes regularly."

"However, we can see from these results that there is an appetite for improvement among Irish people - as results show that many people would like to see improvements to our infrastructure.

"Also, while there is a high number of Dubliners cycling to work, there is definitely an opportunity for Ireland's employers to encourage staff to cycle to and from work all over Ireland."