Dublin marks one year since the Regency Hotel shooting

Eleven people have died in related murders since then

Dublin marks one year since the Regency Hotel shooting

Dublin's Regency Hotel following a shooting during a weigh-in in 2016 | Image: RollingNews.ie

Today marks one year since the Regency Hotel shooting in Dublin.

33-year-old David Byrne was killed in the attack which escalated gangland crime in the capital.

Eleven people have died since then in related murders.

The shooting happened on a Friday afternoon during a boxing weigh in.

Gardaí are said to be on high alert in the capital for the anniversary.

Conor Feehan is crime reporter with the Irish Independent.

He says the gardaí came in for much criticism following the shooting.

"While this was a very, very brazen act that nobody expected to happen, there was criticism of the gardaí afterwards because there was media there at the event to see who would turn up - to see what sort of faction members, what sort of gang members might be there.

"And the gardaí were criticised afterwards for not having their own intelligence people there as well at the same time.

"Two of the people who died in the feud were innocent people who wee wrongly targeted.

"So at the end of it all we have up to 11 people dead because of this particular feud - some people say they're tit-for-tat killings.

"But it shouldn't be forgotten that only one of those murders was Hutch on Kinahan - and everything since then has been Kinahan on Hutch".