Dublin man has 'minimum spend' to thank for €40k win

Matthew Murray purchased a winning scratch card while on his lunch break from work

Dublin man has 'minimum spend' to thank for €40k win

Matthew Murray and his wife, Andrea celebrate their €40,000 Money MultiplierX10 scratch card win at National Lottery Headquarters on Abbey Street, Dublin 1 | Via: LottoHQ

A Dublin man has won €40,000 on a scratch card he bought while on his lunch break.

Matthew Murray scooped the top prize in a €3 Money MultiplierX10 card he purchased at Britesavers Shop in Fairview, Dublin 3.

Matthew described how his scratch card purchase only came about by chance, as he and his wife Andrea collected their cheque from National Lottery Headquarters in Abbey Street.

"I went into the shop to get a sandwich and a cup of tea for my lunch, only to realise that I didn’t have any cash on me," he said.

"When I tried to pay with my debit card, I was told that there was a minimum spend for all card purchases which meant that I would have to buy something else.

"Luckily enough, I pointed at the Money Multiplier scratch card."

Discussing their plans for the money, the winning couple said: "We will probably use the money to pay off some bills and then we might treat the family to a nice holiday."