Dublin hotel apologises, after telling customers Garth Brooks concerts were on

Charleville Lodge Hotel said they had it "from a very reliable source"

A north Dublin hotel has become the latest Garth Brooks-related injury - after it told its Facebook followers that his five concerts at Croke Park were going ahead.

The Charleville Lodge Hotel in Grangegorman posted a statement last night to its 16,560 fans, telling them they had it "from a very reliable source" that the gigs would get the green light.

An hour later, the hotel posed again that the receptionist on duty had no more information than this - presumably after the hotel got a barrage of calls seeking more information.

The US singer last night definitively confirmed, in a statement, that none of the five concerts would now be played.

Tickets will be refunded from Thursday morning through Ticketmaster.

Mr. Brooks thanked Peter Aiken of Aiken Promotions and the 400,000 ticketholders - encouraging them to come and see the show at some point around the world.

The Charleville Lodge Hotel was then left to pick up the pieces, apologising to the people whom it had given the false hope.

But when that did not work particularly well, they tried to make the best of a bad situation.

The hotel then issued a statement, saying "If we got your hopes up earlier on, we apologise. Our source obviously wasn't as reliable as we were led to believe (perhaps this is why they wanted to remain anonymous). However, while we may be personally angry with the source, it will remain protected. We thought the 'OOPS' comment earlier would be a light-hearted way of diffusing the already escalating hate mail at the time. Unfortunately it looks like it exacerbated it".

"As for those of you waiting impatiently for a post saying our Facebook was hacked. You'll be waiting. Our Facebook page wasn't hacked".

Management subsequently removed the original posts, after they were contacted by Aiken Promotions who threatened legal proceedings.

"We look forward to receiving your continued hate mail and abusive phone calls, and we look forward with a similar amount of excitement to reading the continued torrent of abuse on our Facebook page", the statement continued, before suggesting "You might want to get a life though".