Dublin could net over 1,000 jobs from EU agencies in London

The Government has submitted proposals to host two agencies

Dublin could net over 1,000 jobs from EU agencies in London

The headquarters building of the European Medicines Agency (centre) in London | Image: Frank Augstein/AP/Press Association Images

The European Council says Dublin has submitted an application to host two major European Union agencies for when Britain leaves the bloc.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) and European Banking Authority (EBA) are currently both based in London.

April 2016 figures show the EMA is made up of 885 staff - 586 of whom are temporary agents and 145 contract. While the EBA has 159 employees.

The council has received 27 proposals by member states, related to 23 cities.

Nineteen of these offers are to host the EMA and eight are for the EBA.

However, the only cities in the running for both agencies are Dublin, Brussels, Vienna and Warsaw.

Source: European Council

The European Council says: "The two agencies will need to be relocated in the context of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

"The future locations need to be decided by common agreement of the EU27 member states."

The EMA is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines in the EU.

While the EBA works to ensure effective and consistent regulation and supervision across the European banking sector.

This includes regular risk assessment reports and EU-wide stress tests.

The European Commission will publish an assessment of the offers by September 30th.

The issue will also be discussed by ministers in October.

The procedure will ultimately see 27 EU ministers voting on the proposals some time in November this year.

The vote will consist of successive voting rounds, with the votes cast by secret ballot.

Each of the 27 member states have the same number of votes.