Dublin Fire Brigade issues Halloween safety warning

Fire-fighters deal with around 800 calls in Dublin every Halloween

Dublin Fire Brigade issues Halloween safety warning

Image: Dublin fire Brigade / Twitter

Dublin Fire Brigade is urging people to stay safe this Halloween.

The emergency service is asking people to keep their distance from bonfires and to avoid fireworks.

Fire-fighters deal with around 800 calls in Dublin every Halloween - with many children unaware of just how dangerous bonfires and fire-works can be.

This morning, officers gave a safety lesson to primary school children at fire brigade headquarters in Dublin.

Officers warned the children that those who play with fireworks can end up losing a hand, causing a fire or suffering serious burns.

David Kavanagh from Dublin Fire Brigade recalls one frightening case where a firework ‘rocket’ was thrown someone’s window.

"Unfortunately someone just pointed this at a window and it went inside and landed in a baby's cot."

"Fortunately, the parents had taken the baby downstairs because there was a lot of noise outside, otherwise the baby would have been injured or even perished in the fire."


Parents are urged to warn their children about the dangers of fireworks and bonfires and to be careful of flammable costumes.

Parents should supervise any child under the age of 14.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor Michael Mac Donnacha says the best advice is to go along to organised events.

"There are lots of events with firework displays and parties and so on - lots of that happening in communities," he said.


This time of year can also be very frightening for animals – particularly dogs. Gillian Bird from the DSPCA says you should keep them safely indoors.

"Really important not to just keep them in the house, but to lock them in a room. Don't have a situation where you open the front door and they are able to run out."

Dublin Fire Brigade says it wants people to stay safe but to have fun this Halloween. The message is to have fun but to be safe and stay safe.