Donald Trump's meltdown returns to Time magazine

The new cover is in contrast to one used in August

Donald Trump's meltdown returns to Time magazine

The August 2016 cover (left) and the October cover (right) | Image: Illustration by Edel Rodriguez for Time

US republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is gracing the cover of Time magazine yet again.

The October 24th issue may look a little familiar to some, as a very similar cover was used in August.

But while the August version suggested his campaign was in 'Meltdown', the new issue simply uses the words 'Total Meltdown'.

The publication says: "In order to capture the latest twists in Donald Trump's campaign and the rising anger within the Republican party leadership about their standard bearer’s behaviour, we asked artist Edel Rodriguez to reprise his illustration of Donald Trump...this time with just one small twist."

The August cover showed Mr Trump's face starting to melt, while the new one shows it completely melted.

The August 2016 cover (left) and the October cover (right) | Image: Illustration by Edel Rodriguez for Time

In his latest setback, the businessman has had a series of accusations against him that he made unwanted advances

The Republican presidential candidate said on Thursday evening that he had "never met" the women who accused him of sexual assault and advances.

He told supporters in Ohio the accusations were "outright lies," and what had been described "had never happened".

This week mark's the sixth time - and the fifth since he launched his presidential campaign in June 2016 - that Mr Trump has been on magazine's cover.

The businessman first appeared on the cover in 1989.

The January 1989 cover featuring Trump | Image Time

By comparison, his main rival Hillary Clinton has appeared on the cover 31 times.

She was first on the cover in September 1992, when her husband Bill was two months away from winning the White House.

Meanwhile, Mrs Clinton is using her website to compare and contrast her career with Mr Trump's.

It includes juxtapositions like the this: