Donald Trump criticises Hillary Clinton for links to Wall Street and 'special interests'

It comes as Bernie Sanders joined Mrs Clinton on the campaign trail in New Hampshire

Donald Trump criticises Hillary Clinton for links to Wall Street and 'special interests'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally. Image: John Locher / AP/Press Association Images

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has heavily criticised his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for her links to Wall Street and 'special interests'.

Mr Trump made the remarks in a speech in Wisconsin.

The mogul said: "Hillary Clinton is a vessel for the special interests trying to strip this country of its wealth, its jobs, and its status as a sovereign nation. She is a globalist who has made a career taking jobs from our country and giving them to other countries.

"These special interests totally control Hillary Clinton. She is their chosen representative. You can disregard everything she says and just remember that phrase: Follow The Money. She’s there for only one reason, to protect her donors and collect their money."

The Trump campaign has also published a series of press releases titled 'follow the money', looking at the Clinton Foundation, alleged connections with Wall Street, and Bill & Hillary Clinton's paid speeches.

One release focuses on the Clintons' "close ties" with Irish businessman Denis O'Brien, and contains extracts from numerous media reports about Mr O'Brien and his support for both Clintons.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has joined Mrs Clinton for an event at the University of New Hampshire.

Sanders - who was Mrs Clinton's rival for the Democratic nomination - told the crowd that their state could decide the outcome of the election, The Guardian reports.

"I am asking you here not only to vote for Secretary Clinton, but to work hard, to get your uncles and your aunts, to get your friends to vote," he said.

He also described the election as "enormously important for the future of our country" and said it is "imperative" that Mrs Clinton is elected.

Both candidates have been back on the campaign trail following Monday's night first televised debate between the candidates.

Two further debates are scheduled for the 9th and 19th of October, ahead of the November 8th election date.