Coroner warns against using an iPhone in the bath

The comments come after a man was electrocuted

A coroner in the UK has called for iPhones to carry a safety warning after the death of a man who charged his phone in the bath. The man was electrocuted when his charger made contact with the water in December of last year.  

Assistant coroner Dr Sean Cummings told the inquest into Richard Bulls's death that iPhones "seem like innocuous devices but they can be as dangerous as a hairdryer in a bathroom. They should attach warnings.”

Dr Cummings said he will write a prevention of future death report to send to Apple.  

It is understood that Mr Bull was charging his phone via an extension cord from the hallway in his home to the bathroom. The Sun reports he rested the charger on his chest whilst he used the phone. He suffered severe burns to his chest, hand and arm when the charger touched the water. 

Mr Bull's death was ruled accidental.