Convention Centre Dublin speaks out on GamerCon

The venue places the blame at the feet of the organisers

Convention Centre Dublin speaks out on GamerCon

A spokesperson for Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) has issued a statement on the events that took place this weekend at GamerCon. This comes after event organisers committed to refund those left out in the cold. 

In a statement issued on Monday afternoon, the CCD has laid the blame firmly at the feet of the organisers. 

"Ticket sales for every event held at The CCD are managed by the event organisers, not by The CCD, who are contracted to provide the venue. The organisers of this event hired an event management company and a security company to run the event. The number of tickets sold was based on an underestimate by the organiser of the amount of time people would remain at the event.  This meant that for much of Saturday the number of people wanting to enter the venue at the same time was too high. 

The safety of visitors and staff is our absolute priority and for this reason, we restricted access to the building to ensure the numbers in the building never exceeded the maximum licensed capacity, which was advised to the organisers in advance. We understand GamerCon are offering refunds on tickets via their website ("

Organiser Ferdi Roberts said some 21,600 people attended the conference across the weekend, with 11,000 on Saturday 18th and 10,600 on Sunday 19th.

In a statement issued earlier today, Roberts said that the CCD was to blame for the queues within the building.

"This was not under GamerCon’s direct control – the Convention Centre Dublin are responsible for people management and public safety within their building. The Convention Centre Dublin were fully aware of the ticket sales and expected numbers of attendees. It should also be noted that capacities and ticket sales were discussed and jointly agreed with our venue partner the Convention Centre."

The organisers have committed to refund those who failed to enter the convention.