Connected tattoos: Forget the remote control, just swipe your arm instead

Researchers in America are working to develop this new technology

We know that technology is adapting to our daily lives, but it appears that it could soon be adapting to our bodies. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Microsoft are working on turning a person's forearm into a remote control. 

The new technology takes the form of a temporary tattoo and can control a mobile phone. 

The cheap material is placed over the skin and allows its wearers to swipe, as they would on a smartphone touchscreen. The system, called "DuoSkin" is extremely light on the skin and is comfortable, according to the researchers. 

As well as acting as a remote control, the researchers demonstrated that the tattoos could also respond to the body’s temperature, lighting up or changing colour when the skin heats up.

PhD student at MIT, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao, said that people will be be able to walk into a tattoo parlour and request a connected tattoo before long.