Concerns over potential importation of child sex dolls into Ireland

Gardaí say some people may already have them

Concerns over potential importation of child sex dolls into Ireland

A pair of boxed up sex dolls of the type imported from abroad on show at the UK's NCA (National Crime Agency) in London | Image: John Stillwell/PA Wire/PA Images

Campaigners against child abuse say child sex dolls indicate and feed a criminal interest in children.

The silicone dolls, which are made in the far east, weigh as much as an 8-year-old child and cost thousands of euro.

Gardaí say there is no doubt paedophiles in Ireland will import these dolls, and may already be doing so.

The concerns follow a case in Britain earlier this week, where a 72-year-old school governor was convicted of importing one.

A parcel from China containing the doll was intercepted at London's Stansted Airport in November last year.

It came with a fishnet body-stocking.


Judge Simon James made a landmark ruling that the doll was indecent or obscene.

Mary Rlaherty is the CEO of CARI, which offers therapy and support to children and families affected by sexual abuse.

She says it is important we have the right legislation to deal with this.

"We've had some anecdotal information that they have been seen in Ireland.

"But obviously the gardaí, or presumably the Customs officials, would be able to clarify that or not.

"But we would share the concern expressed in the UK at the importation of these dolls.

"They clearly do indicate a criminal interest in children".