Community in shock following sudden death of Wexford toddler

The three-year-old was brought to hospital with 'flu-like' symptoms

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A three-year-old boy has died suddenly in County Wexford after coming down with 'flu-like' symptoms.

It is understood that the toddler passed away at Wexford General Hospital on Tuesday after collapsing at home.

Local Councillor George Lawlor told Newstalk the local community is in shock:

"It would appear that it was a very sudden death," he said. "Unexplained at this point in time."

"Of course that is put aside at this point as we concentrate on grieving with this family and assisting them as a community as best we can."

He offered the "sympathies of the entire community of Wexford" to the family and "all those connected with this little boy."