Colin Farrell narrates online tour of 1916 Rising on centenary website

Interactive site gives users a unique perspective on the historic events

As part of the 1916 Rising centenary celebrations, a new website is giving users a unique perspective on the story.

Involved in the project is Colin Farrell, who narrates the free website, which allows you to scroll through current iterations of famous landmarks of the 1916 Rising, one hundred years on.

With Farrell feeding you vital information, the on-screen map is navigatable, with icons allowing you to close in on specific landmarks or pieces of information.

The website was built by Google in partnership with Ireland 2016, the State Centenary Programme which was designed to remember 1916, reflect on the nation one hundred years hence, and to re-image Ireland's future.

The cultural and historical resource site has been designed to allow anyone, anywhere to take part in the 1916-2016 celebrations.

You can click through to the website here, with the sound design best suited to headphone users.