Closure order served to hotel accommodating homeless families

An investigation into the site was called by Inner City Helping Homeless

Closure order served to hotel accommodating homeless families

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Dublin City Fire Brigade has issued a closure order to Lynam's Hotel, after it emerged that 8 adults and 7 children were accomodated there.

The hotel, which is currently under redevelopment to become a "family hub", was branded as being "no place to bring up children" homeless service Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH).

"We cannot, should not and certainly will not accept this form of accommodation," CEO Anthony Flynn said in a statement. "People are being herded like cattle, and this is just unacceptable."

It was reported that there was no running water to sinks or showers and sockets had no power in rooms. T

Dublin Fire Brigade have issued a closure order on the hotel this evening following inspections requested last night by ICHH. 

The site is due to be visited by The Health & Safety Authority (HSA). 

"The structure is still a construction site and by allowing families to be accommodated within the building lives were put in danger," Flynn continued.