Children received an average of €546 for their First Communion this year

The amount of money spent by parents for their child's Communion day was up 12% compared to 2015

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Irish children who made their First Communion this year received an average of €546 as gifts.

A new survey by Ulster Bank also shows that more than one in five children (22%) received more than €800 as presents this year.

Parents spent roughly €836 on their child's Communion day - an increase of 12% compared to last year. That contrasts with a drop of 2% in spending recorded between 2014 and 2015.

The survey also shows that parents spent almost €150 on children's entertainment for after the ceremony - 25% more than last year.

Meanwhile, the average spend on party celebrations and food & drink was up by 13%, to €370.

A child's outfit for the day cost around €176, while €56 was spent on doing girls' hair and make-up. €212 was spent on outfits for other family members.

90% of parents say some of the money received by their children will be put into a saving's account.

However, the money that has been spent by children was likely to go towards items such as clothes (43%), toys (40%), computer games (34%) and sports equipment (28%).