Call for authorities to consider 'night mayor' to oversee Dublin's nightlife

London has a 'night czar' who's tasked with ensuring the city "thrives as a 24-hour city"

Call for authorities to consider 'night mayor' to oversee Dublin's nightlife

File photo of Temple Bar in Dublin. Picture by: Christian Charisius/DPA/PA Images

There's a call for officials to consider appointing a 'night mayor' for Dublin.

It comes in the wake of the closure of a number of late-night venues in the capital over the last year, such as the Hangar.

Several prominent nightclubs have also closed or are due to shut shortly - including the long-running Lillie's Bordello, which will close its doors next week.

In 2016, concerns over London's nightlife scene led the mayor's office appointing a 'night czar'.

The post is held by Amy Lamé, who's "tasked with ensuring London thrives as a 24-hour city" by "championing" the city's nightlife.

Labour Councillor Rebecca Moynihan is now calling for authorities in Dublin to consider following the model that's been adopted in the English capital.

She suggested that while there many spots for tourists to visit, there are decreasing venues for Dubliners who want to enjoy late nights outside of the main tourist centres.

Cllr Moynihan argued: “It is time for the Government and Dublin City Council to consider introducing a night mayor to ensure Dublin night life and the night time economy doesn’t die in our capital city.

“It is disheartening to see so many high-profile late night venues in Dublin close their doors - something needs to be done to foster and promote vibrant night life for local people, and the introduction of a night mayor needs to be examined urgently.”

She added that somebody appointed to the role could liaise between venues and the courts when it comes to licensing, and also work with public transport companies to "develop a better strategy" around late night transport.