Budweiser to be renamed 'America'

To celebrate "maybe the most American summer ever," obviously ...

Say goodbye to Budweiser, and hello to 'America' - at least until the United States goes to the polls in November of this year.

The brand, which is the biggest producer of beer in the US, is hopping on the presidential election train with its "America is in Your Hands" advertising campaign which will include the rebranding of its cans across the US.

Budweiser has been under pressure in it domestic market as a new generation of drinkers turn to craft beers and spirits.

The company's vice president, Ricardo Marques said that the company needs to "surprise" consumers, he added that this campaign will be "bold and new."

He called the coming months, "maybe the most American summer ever" and said that the use of America "talks to the values relevant to our audience: hard work, perseverance not giving up."

"We thought nothing was more iconic than Budweiser and nothing was more iconic than America," said Tosh Hall, creative director at JKR, the firm who rebranded the can.

Budweiser will launch campaigns based around its sponsorship of the US Olympic and men's soccer teams.

It has also sponsored Jay-Z's annual Made in American Festival since 2012.

Small brewers were ridiculed in the company's 2015 Super Bowl add which mocked the new school of producers and proclaimed that Budweiser makes beer "for drinking."