Complaints upheld over Budweiser campaign featuring Conor McGregor

Two complainants claimed it was "irresponsible and inappropriate"

Budweiser, Dream Big, campaign, Conor McGregor, advert, complaints, ASAI

Image: YouTube/cat4555

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) has upheld complaints about a Budweiser advert campaign, featuring Conor McGregor.

The complaints related to Budweiser's "Dream Big" competition, fronted by the MMA star, which offered consumers the chance to win €50,000 to travel to America to fulfill their dreams.

Two complainants claimed the advertising was "irresponsible and inappropriate" as it linked McGregor, who they considered to be a role model for many young children, to advertising for an alcohol product.

In response, the advertisers said it only aired on channels and during programmes which had an overwhelming adult audience.

They also said they worked with selected media partners, who they considered to have an overwhelming adult appeal.

The advertisers also said that the Budweiser product had not appeared at any stage during the advert - nor had McGregor been seen to consume or interact with the brand.

The only Budweiser branding on-screen was the brand name and the Budweiser bowtie, which appeared in the end frame alongside a responsible drinking message.

However the ASAI found that having regard to McGregor's status as World Champion and profile, that he is considered a hero for young people - and therefore the advertising was in breach of the ASAI Code.

It has ordered that the advertising should not be used "in the same format" again.