Broadband speeds 'up to 36 times slower' in some parts of country than Dublin

New data shows that connections in some rural areas are so bad that emails cannot be opened

Broadband speeds 'up to 36 times slower' in some parts of country than Dublin

Picture by Rui Vieira PA Wire/PA Images

County Longford has the slowest broadband in the country, a new study has found.

A survey has found parts of the county have an average download speed 36 times slower than parts of Dublin.

Drimnagh in Dublin 12 had an average speed of 72.15Mbps - compared to the 1.98Mbps average in Legan in Longford, the lowest average in the country.

Overall Dublin had an average speed of 44.85Mbps - more than six times faster than the Longford average of 7.25Mbps.

Low averages are also recorded for Leitrim and Roscommon, while Waterford and Kildare benefit from the fastest speeds outside Dublin.

The figures from the website, based on 27,000 speed tests, also discovered that a third of customers were left unable to perform basic online tasks.

One-in-three people say they may have to move to a city to get a better connection for work.

Switcher's Managing Director Eoin Clarke spoke to Newstalk Breakfast about the findings.

"An average speed of about 30Mbps to 40Mbps is enough to carry out most things that you would do - stream TV online, send emails, use social media," he said. "The problem is if it's not there people would move."

However, he also had some positive points to make about our broadband situation.

"We always tend to look at our neighbours in the UK and our top speeds in Ireland are a lot higher than are available in the UK.

"I think we are setting the bar at the right level [...] It's just for people in those rural areas it is a vastly different scenario for someone who is used to broadband," he argued.