British models make Westport apology

'Babestation' has apologised after callers to their x rated TV hotline found themselves connected to locals in Westport

British models make Westport apology

Babestation models, Vicky Narni, Priya Young and Alexa Brooke, 26-01-2017.

Westport welcomed some unusual arrivals this afternoon after models from a British TV sex line paid the locals a visit.

‘Babestation’ has received a string of complaints after it emerged their X rated late-night TV hotline shares the same phone code as Westport.

The premium rate phone service has an 0982 prefix for British callers.

However, if Irish callers forget to input the international dialling code - the number instead goes through to local Westport residents. 

A number of locals have complained at having their sleep disturbed by late-night callers and Westport-based Fianna Fail councillor Brendan Mulroy told Midwest Radio News that he had to get rid of his phone after receiving unwanted calls:

“This happened five years ago and I suppose the reality of it was the phone calls started arriving after 10pm and 12pm at night,” he said.

“They were consistent and every night that happened. I had to get rid of my phone and that was the only way I could stop these call coming.

“The gardaí, to be fair to them, said there was nothing they could do about it because the people weren’t putting in the digits in their eagerness to dial the numbers.”

The adult entertainment company says the numbers will now change, but it will take several hours to update its onscreen details.

However, the number should be fixed by tonight or tomorrow.

One of the channel's executive managers - who only wished to be known as Moe - told Midwest Radio changing the numbers over was no easy task:

The station sent three models, Vicky Narni, Priya Young and Alexa Brooke, to the town this afternoon to apologise to residents over the issues. 

Newstalk reporter Henry McKean joined the girls on their West of Ireland adventure and you can listen back here: