British banker Rurik Jutting 'left victim dying inside apartment', trial hears

He admits killing two Indonesian women, but denies murder

British banker Rurik Jutting 'left victim dying inside apartment', trial hears

In this photo taken through tinted glass, Rurik George Caton Jutting sits in a prison bus arriving at a court in Hong Kong | Image: Vincent Yu AP/Press Association Images

Former British banker Rurik Jutting left his second victim dying inside his apartment and collapsed on the balcony "physically exhausted" after cutting her throat, his murder trial has heard.

"She was I think still alive and still moving," he told police in an interview played to the court in Hong Kong.

"I collapsed outside on the balcony. When I went back in she wasn't moving. I didn't specifically check whether she was dead or alive."

He said he had considered jumping from his 31st floor home, and at one point climbed over to a neighbour's balcony, waving a kitchen knife and carrying vodka, cocaine and Red Bull.

The Cambridge University graduate shouted and waved his knife at people on the street below, before barricading himself in his bedroom and calling police, the jury was told.

Jutting calmly detailed the last moments before his arrest to detectives in a series of interviews.

"When I decided to surrender, I dropped my knife," he said, adding that he had also dropped and smashed a bottle of vodka.

Inside the glass-screened dock, the 31-year-old periodically closed his eyes and tilted his head away as the video evidence was screened.

Jutting admits killing two Indonesian women, whose mutilated bodies were found in his luxury apartment on November 1st 2014, but denies murder on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

After surrendering, Jutting handed police his phone, which contained four hours of video, including footage of him torturing his first victim and describing how he had killed her.

"I told them there's evidence in there," he said.

"Extreme sexual aggression"

When confronted with photographs of Sumarti Ningsih (23) bound and gagged, he calmly talked detectives through the images.

"She is currently tied up by me...she is being restrained here against her will. She absolutely did not consent," Jutting said of one of the photos.

"This photo was taken during around three days that she was captive against her will in my flat."

He said he was "in a state of extreme sexual aggression" at the time.

When shown a photo of his blood-stained bathroom, Jutting described to police how he had cut her throat there, tied her body with a rope, then wrapped her in a plastic bag, a bed sheet and a throw before putting her in a suitcase.

Ms Ningsih's body was found inside the suitcase in the foetal position, with her neck severed.

His second victim, Seneng Mujiasih (26) was found in a pool of blood on his living room floor, also with her throat slit.

The former securities trader told police he had increased his cocaine consumption in the six weeks before the killings, and paid women for sex at a nearby hotel.

Jutting said it had brought out "long and extended fantasies", including one in which he considered kidnapping teenage British schoolgirls to keep as sex slaves.

Asked by officers why he had killed Ms Ningsih, whom he had met on the Craiglsist website under the "casual encounters" section and whose name was stored in his phone as "Indo", he replied, "It's a question which I think I'll always ask myself."

Questioned about the death of his second victim, whom he had described in another interview as his "prey", Jutting said he had spent a few minutes deliberating whether to change his plan and let her live.

"For a period of time, a short period of time, the human side of me kicked in. I did some more coke and that side of me just went."

He said he had considered flying back to the UK to see his parents before handing himself in.

A paramedic called to the scene described Jutting talking to himself and crying in the hallway outside his apartment after the bodies were discovered.

A toxicologist, giving evidence to the trial as an expert witness for the prosecution, described the quantities of cocaine consumed by Jutting during his six-week binge as unbelievably high.

He faces a mandatory life sentence in prison if convicted.