Bray gorse fire reveals WW2-era navigation sign

The 'EIRE' sign was spotted by the Garda Air Support Unit

Bray gorse fire reveals WW2-era navigation sign

Image: Irish Air Corps / @OC3OPS via Twitter

The recent gorse fires on Bray Head in County Wicklow have revealed a stone-built navigation sign, dating from World War 2.

The so-called 'neutrality' signs were constructed by the Defence Forces in the early 40s along Irish coasts.

They were used as a way of reducing the number of aircraft landing on Irish soil after losing their bearings.

The signs, built with stones, spell out 'EIRE' in block capital letters - to indicate to flight crews they were over Irish territory.

The sign in Wicklow had been forgotten about until spotted by a Garda Air Support Unit over Bray Head, after the fire.

Major gorse fires broke out on Bray Head on July 13th, prompting a number of homes to be evacuated.

The damage caused also led to train services between Bray and Greystones being temporarily suspended.