Footage shows rescued boys recovering in hospital following Thai cave ordeal

The 12 boys and their football coach are 'all in good health' following the rescue operation

Footage shows rescued boys recovering in hospital following Thai cave ordeal

Picture by: AP/Press Association Images

Doctors in Thailand have said the 12 boys and their football coach rescued from Tham Luang Cave are 'all in good health'.

Footage released by the Thai government has shown a number of the rescued boys recovering in hospital.

Video clips show them chatting with nurses and making the two-finger 'victory' sign.

Earlier today, health officials offered an update on the condition of the boys, who are aged between 11 and 16.

The entire group is being held in isolation in hospital while tests are carried out for various diseases and infections, and could remain hospitalised for up to 10 days.

However, relatives of the first eight boys rescued are now being allowed to visit as long as they wear 'sterile isolation gowns'.

One of the last boys rescued is said to have a minor lung infection, while two of those rescued in the first group are said to have recovered from similar infections.

The first batch of survivors, meanwhile, are now said to be standing up and eating regular meals, while those from the second group no longer need to wear sunglasses after spending more than two weeks in dark conditions.

Relatives of the final batch rescued are still only able to see the four boys and their 25-year-old coach through glass, but initial checkups by doctors have shown normal blood pressure and body temperatures.

'Incredibly resilient'

It comes a day after the final group emerged from the cave following a three-day rescue operation by Thai Navy SEALs and a group of foreign divers.

Four SEALs who emerged from the cave after the boys are also said to be well.

32-year-old Derek Anderson - a rescue specialist with the US air force in Japan who assisted in the operation - said the rescued boys were "incredibly resilient".

He observed: "What was really important was the coach and the boys all came together and discussed staying strong, having the will to live, having the will to survive."

The group became trapped in the cave on 23rd of June, after flood water caused by heavy rain blocked the exits.

They were finally discovered on a ledge on July 2nd, prompting a major operation to prepare for the rescue effort which was ultimately launched almost a week later.

Additional reporting by IRN