Bobby to grill Tom Doorley over 'The Restaurant' injustice

Tune in to Bobby's Late Breakfast from 9am tomorrow on Newstalk

Bobby to grill Tom Doorley over 'The Restaurant' injustice


Food critic Tom Doorley could be set for a frosty reception this Sunday when he drops in to the Newstalk studio for Bobby’s Late Breakfast.

The celebrity critic was one of the judges when Bobby brought his classical menu to TV3’s The Restaurant on Thursday.

It is safe to say Bobby was very proud of what he served up to a room full of diners and three judges - Marco Pierre White, Francis Brennan and Tom Doorley.

His tasty menu included a starter of scallops with pancetta, peas and grilled lettuce and a main of Dublin Lawyer Lobster.

All didn’t go to plan however - as Restaurateur Marco refused to eat his dessert of Crépes Suzette and espresso coffee ice-cream after Maitre D' John had to flambé the crepes at the table.

Guest critic Francis Brennan wasn't impressed either, claiming “I do not get the coffee. Putting coffee with [the Crepes Suzette] was a mortal sin."

Bobby was shocked – and just a little irritated – to only receive three stars: 

And before you accuse us of bias – it seems plenty of viewers agreed: 

Thankfully, it now looks as if Bobby’s future as king of the kitchen may be back on track - as even Tom seems to have changed his tune: 

Tom best be prepared for a grilling - as Bobby has the knives out and will be demanding answers: 

Also on the show, Bobby will be chatting to the inspirational Sinead Kane who is visually impaired and ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. 

We will be ‘Rolling back the Years’ and looking at the First Slane Concert in 1981 with Niall Stokes of Hotpress and Lord Henry Mount Charles.  

Plus, Bobby will be going for a dip in the 40 Foot with the ‘Invincible’ Swimmer Tom McCarty: 

Tune in from 9am tomorrow on Newstalk.