Belgium "March Against Fear" cancelled over security concerns

Police were concerned they couldn't protect the march properly

Image: Alastair Grant / AP/Press Association Images

Image: Alastair Grant / AP/Press Association Images

A march of solidarity through Brussels has been cancelled due to security concerns.

The March Against Fear had been due to take place at the Place de La Bourse in Brussels, which has become a shrine following the attacks that killed 31 and wounded 300 on Tuesday.

But organisers cancelled the gathering after the government said it did not have the resources to safely police it.

Interior minister Jan Jambon said: "We understand fully the emotions that our citizens have, and understand everybody wants to express these feelings. [But] We are still, all over the country, on threat level three. There are important enquiries going on and for these we need a lot of police capacity. It's our main priority to let the police do these enquiries. That's why we invite the citizens not to have this demonstration tomorrow but at a later date."

There have been a number of arrests in recent days across three countries as Belgium hunts those behind the attacks. 

On Friday, a man identified as Faycal Cheffou was charged with "terrorist murder" in connection with the carnage.

The march will take place in several weeks' time, authorities said.

Organisers had wanted to show that Brussels would not be intimidated: "The first reaction in such events is to withdraw but on reflection, fear must give way to hope and the defence of our values."