Back to Mine with Marketa Irglova

Tom Dunne's guest for 'Back to Mine' this week was Czech singer songwriter Marketa Irglova. 

Irglova starred in the 2006 film 'Once' with Glen Hansard. Together they wrote and performed the Oscar winning track 'Falling Slowly'. 

During the interview she explained that it wasn't until she met Hansard that she began to consider writing her own music. 

"It wasn't until I met Glen that I realsied that there is another road here, you can write your own pieces. He was very encouraging for me to try it so if I hadn't met him it probably would never have occurred to me that I could write my own stuff," she said. 

Like a number of other musicians, such as John Grant, Irglova has taken the plunge and moved to Iceland. 

"It's a community mentality of people. The music community is very connected. They play on each others records, do each other favours, they're a family, if you like. There is a very healthy competition going on but not an antagonistic one. They're very progressive with music. They have embraced the whole electronic music scene from the beginning," she explained. 

For her song choices Irglova chose 'River' by Joni Mitchell, 'Famous Blue Raincoat' by Leonard Cohen and 'Respect' by Arethra Franklin.