WATCH: BBC interview on South Korea is child’s play

Sometimes live TV doesn't go as planned...

WATCH: BBC interview on South Korea is child’s play

Image: BBC News

One guest on the BBC managed to keep his composure, when his children interrupted his live  TV interview.

Robert Kelly, a professor of political science, was speaking about implications for South Korea and the wider region, after its president was removed from power.

But no one could have guessed what was about to happen.

Mr Kelly was in the middle of the interview when one of his children entered the room and went over to their father, knocking over a book in the process.

The interviewer remarks: "I think one of your children’s just walked in."

A second, younger child then followed – and then a woman, quite literally, swoops in to take both children out of the room.

Pleas to quiet the children, and a little chaos, then ensue.

The woman then leans in, gymnastics style, to close the door from the outside.

As Mr Kelly continues talking, children's cries are heard from the other side of the door.

The piece comes to a close with the interviewer remarking: "There’s a first time for everything – you’ve got some children who need you!".

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