Asia dominates the 10 most visited cities in 2016 list

Half of the list consists of cities found in the Far East

In a new report published by MasterCard, the most popular cities for overnight visitors in 2016 have been announced.

While the numbers published are a projected amount for the remainder of the year, they have been used as an annual projection for a city's popularity.

The visitors are counted only as those who spend a single night in the city, which the report also delves into the projected earnings each city is expected to receive from those overnight visitors.

As per the rankings below, Asian cities have dominated the top ten, with Bangkok retrieving the top spot for the first time since 2013, having the lost the title to London for the last two years.

10. Seoul, South Korea - 10.2 million visitors

9. Tokyo, Japan - 11.7 million visitors

8. Istanbul, Turkey - 11.95 million visitors

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 12.02 million visitors

6. Singapore - 12.11 million visitors

5. New York City, USA - 12.75 million visitors

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 15.27 million visitors

3. Paris, France - 18.03 million visitors

2. London, United Kingdom - 19.88 million visitors

1. Bangkok, Thailand - 21.47 million visitors

In the Europe specific lists, Dublin didn't manage to break into the top ten, with London, Paris and Istanbul followed by Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Vienna, Prague and Madrid.